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murasaki5811's Profile Picture
Hisakata Chisato
United States
Nationality: Taiwan, NOT China thank you very much

Eyes:dark hazel Hair: dark brunette (I suppose?)

Favourite Colours: black,grey, blue, red (depends on the items) , sunset & sunrise(?)

Favourite Anime/Manga :
Axis Power Hetalia,
Ouran Highschool Host Club ,
Yu-Gi-Oh ( my childhood XD
Naruto? ((I lost the strong passion for it...

Favourite Bands/Artist : Coldplay, Linkin Park, 3 doors Down, Rise Against,
Vocaliods (The Kagamine Twin - Rin & Len)
and pretty much whatever song appeals to me XP

Favourite novels:
Forgotten Realms Series - Dark Elf Trilogy
Dragonlance series
World of Warcraft ( the game is AWESOME is well XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Ranger's Apprentice series
L'élégance du hérisson [The Elegance of the Hedgehog]
( A "MUST-READ" French Novel, I love it! I read it, like 3 times already!
but I read it in Mandarin since I'm not really that fluent in French)

Random stuff about Moi:

I'm loud & very open yet quiet & shy at the same time

I don't really like sweets but I'm a chocoholic, a very picky one too, that is on the quality of the product, Swiss chocolate are the best I MUST admit, although it's really f*cking expensive, but it's worth the price XD

Try to learn the Pocky dance recently LOL

I sing "My Jolly Sailor Bold" from the Pirates of the Carrabiean - The Stranger's Tide (full lyrics) during my shower XD

"Gloomy Sunday", so-called the sucide song, is one of my favourite song

No, I'm NOT emo, I'm just being otaku

I'm fine with either gender couples in real life, whatever suit themselves
in fanfiction I prefer reading Yaoi most of the time

Fave/Likable CPs:

Spain X Romano
Germany X N.Italy
America X England
Japan X Taiwan
Switzerland x Liechtenstein

Sasori X Deidara
Sasuke X Naruto

Favourite Games:
Assassin's Creed series (THE AWESOMEST GAME EVER!!!!
Kingdom Of Hearts
World of Warcraft


Current Residence: CA, United States
Favourite genre of music: Pop; Rock; some Metal
Favourite style of art: Semi-realistic, eg: Final Fantasy
Operating System: Microsoft Word ,pencil & paper
Wallpaper of choice: dark colours ; skulls
Skin of choice: ivory ((recently got taned
Favourite cartoon character: (APH) Axis Power + Bad Touch Trio & of course, the adorable Tsudere Romano
Personal Quote: eh, whatever
[ ] The Dark. ( I actually love it though)
[ ] Staying Single Forever.
[ ] Being A Parent.
[x] Giving Birth. (I....rather adopt)
[ ] Being Myself In Front Of Others.
[x] Open Spaces.
[ ] Closed Spaces.( I like corners, I know I'm weird)
[ ] Heights.
[ ] Dogs.
[ ] Birds.
[ ] Fish.
[ ] Spiders.
[ ] Flowers Or Other Plants.(Unless they give me allergies)
[X] Being Touched.(it depends by who)
[x] Deep Water.
[ ] Snakes.
[ ] Silk.
[ ] The Ocean.
[x] Failure.
[ ] Success.
[ ] Thunder/Lightning.
[ ] Frogs/Toads.
[ ] My Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's Dad.
[ ] My Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's Mom.
[ ] Rats.
[X] Jumping From High Places.
[ ] Snow.
[ ] Rain.
[ ] Wind.
[ ] Crossing Hanging Bridges.
[ ] Death.
[ ] Heaven.
[x] Being Robbed.
[ ] Falling.
[ ] Clowns.
[ ] Dolls.
[x] Large Crowds Of People.(as within or in front of the people?)
[ ] Men.
[ ] Women.
[x] Having Great Responsibilities.
[ ] Doctors, Including Dentists.
[x] Tornadoes.
[x] Hurricanes.
[x] Incurable Diseases.
[x] Sharks.
[ ] Friday The 13th.
[ ] Ghosts.
[x] Poverty.
[ ] Halloween.
[ ] School.
[ ] Trains.
[ ] Odd Numbers.
[ ] Even Numbers.
[X] Being Alone.(What kind? socially?)
[x] Becoming Blind.
[x] Becoming Deaf.
[ ] Growing Up.
[ ] Creepy Noises In The Night.
[ ] Bee Stings.
[X] Not Accomplishing My Dreams/Goals.
[ ] Needles.
[ ] Blood.
[ ] Dinosaurs.
[ ] The Welcome Mat.
[x] High Speed.( not literally, but I don't want me nor the person driving got a speed ticket)
[x] Throwing Up. (Gross.....)
[ ] Falling In Love.
[x] Super Secrets.
[21/74] Not bad
  • Listening to: Nocturne
  • Reading: Defence of Food
  • Watching: ACII: Lineage
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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